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11 Reasons Why Harmon Discount is the Shit

Friday, December 5, 2014

1.  The travel toiletry selection

And you thought Target had it all!  Upon walking into Harmon Discount, you're forced to enter the first aisle which strictly consists of travel sized items, toiletries, medicines, and more.  I'm talking shopping baskets filled in rows on rows from the floor all the way to the ceiling.  So whenever I want to try a sample of something I'm iffy about, I'll check the travel toiletry section first.  It's impossible to avoid.

2.  Affordable is an understatement

I'm just not sure why or how, but Harmon Discount is ALWAYS $1-2 less than whatever I'm looking for, elsewhere.  They don't have "discount" in their name for no reason.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel at Target:  $7.99
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel at Ulta:  $9.99
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel at Harmon:  On Sale $5.69

3.  They manufacture their own brand
Anything you can think of.. They sell their Face Value generic brand for less.

4.  A large selection as well as variety

Any cough drop brand, makeup brushes, to hair styling tool you can think of, they've got it.  The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel wall had a variety of 50+ colors, while Target had about 15 colors to chose from.  Not to mention all wiped out.  Their selection of hair products take up two full aisles.
Click here to see my Sally Hansen Miracle Gel review.

5.  They Carry brands we can never find at CVS, Walmart, or Target
Harmon is somewhere in between Sally's and Ulta - from hot curlers, to hair color developer.

6.  Vitamins, Supplements, and Organics

... Harmon is somewhere in between Sally's, Ulta, G.N.C, and every pharmacy imaginable.

7.  "A store within a store"

Harmon can be found in many Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, and buybuy BABY locations if the store alone cannot be found at a location near you.  If you purchase toiletries from the above locations, that is Harmon Discount for you.

8.  The return policy

Harmon Discount is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Believe me when I say they will literally take ANYTHING back.

9.  They take Bed Bath & Beyond and buybuy BABY coupons

Which are ALWAYS floating around, 40% off 1 item,
20% off entire purchase, $5 off entire purchase, etc.

10.  They accept these coupons if they are expired

Need I say more?


I'll say it again, Harmon Discount will take up to 5 of these coupons in one purchase.  So see for yourself and find a store nearest you here:
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