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9 Compact Humidifiers for Winter Air + Skin

Monday, January 7, 2019

It's officially the second winter in our Long Beach, NY apartment and I'm reminded about how badly my skin reacted after moving out of my parents' house. Being that I moved from New Jersey, only 2 hours away, this didn't make sense to me. If I didn't moisturize immediately after showering, my skin actually hurt from feeling so stiff; I had a few eczema flare-ups for the first time since high school, my scalp began to flake, and most recently, I'm suffering from that awful dry cough/tickle in my throat at bedtime. After much research (and I can't say I haven't heard this before... hi, denial) these side effects have to do with the heat inside your home. Indoor heat = dry heat, which explains my dry skin, dry scalp, dry cough, dry bank account, etc.

Enter HUMIDIFIERS. These winter annoyances are triggered by not enough moisture in the air, and humidifiers will improve your dry air quality by (obviously) adding humidity. On the other hand, DEHUMIDIFIERS are excellent when used during summer months for those without central air conditioning. If your home becomes very humid at times, the moisture will cause mold, dust mites, and trigger allergy flare-ups. Dehumidifiers are a great solution for removing excess moisture in your home... but let's revisit that in June, k?

A quick Google search for humidifiers will lead you to a plethora of bulky, monstrous machines available, ranging anywhere from $40-$100. I don't know about you, but that's enough to make me ask myself, "do I really need this?" if I'm going to need to buy a dehumidifier come summer, too. If you're working with under 800 sq. ft. and a tight budget, you'll be relieved to hear that Amazon has a great selection of compact (not to mention ADORABLE) humidifiers available for under $35.

ONE  |  white pineapple humidifier
TWO  |  pink cactus humidifier (also available in white + gray)
THREE  |  clear water bank cactus humidifier
FOUR  |  pastel pink milk bottle humidifier
FIVE  |  gold base pineapple humidifier (also available in rose gold + silver)
SIX  |  pink sleeve coffee cup humidifier (also available in blue + mint)
SEVEN  |  mint luxe candle humidifier (also available in black + pink)
EIGHT  |  succulent humidifier
NINE  |  palm tree lightbulb humidifier

I ordered the Cactus humidifier in white and it did not disappoint. For $15, this little guy is super chic and the packaging was on point. When plugged into the USB cable, the white base becomes a faint blue night light which is so soft, almost like a glow. There is an option for a brighter white light by holding down the back button for 3 seconds. This was way too bright for my liking it's almost as bright as a lamp, but the blue glow is perfect.

For the first time in 2 weeks, I was able to fall asleep without the discomfort of constantly clearing my throat. Only time will tell if this will help with the dry skin + scalp, so stay tuned.

These compact humidifiers may not cover an entire living area, but they're perfect for your desk, the edge of your nightstand, or any small area where personal time is spent. If you think you may be suffering from winter air, give one of these small humidifiers a try or save my pin-able image below on Pinterest for later!

Have you seen improvement from using humidifiers or dehumidifiers? Let me know!  xo, b.

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