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Make a Statement Out of Small Christmas Gifts

Sunday, December 7, 2014
I know how it is to be a little lost when you don't know what to get someone for Christmas... we all do. As a crafty, yet broke, post-grad, I've always been all about the presentation. No matter how shitty you feel your gift is, make the outside count. You don't have to be excellent with wrapping paper to do this.

I'm the youngest of my family. I've come to realize that it's getting harder and harder to decide on a gift for everyone, so I'll go with the inexpensive small-gifts-but-a-lot-of-them. Sometimes quantity is more clutch than quality when you are stuck in a rut. To make up for this, I've decided that if my inexpensive gifts-but-a-lot-of-them are small enough, I will individually wrap them all and stuff them in plain Christmas stockings for each person.
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You can find these at the dollar store, but grab them quick because they sell out fast. Then, personalize them any way you want. It's up to you if you want to wrap the whole stocking up when you're finished.

Above is my own personalized stocking from last year. I purchased the rhinestone gems in bulk on Amazon. If you're having a tough time finding plain stockings, you can grab them here. It took a lot of back pain, hot glue, and 3rd degree burns, but remember how exciting it would be when you used to trick-or-treat and get a goody bag instead of 2 pieces of candy? I promise your gift receivers will left astonished.

They say beauty is what's on the inside, which is true, but don't we all make judgement off a first impression anyway?  Go ahead and decorate that sh*t, no excuses!
2 comments on "Make a Statement Out of Small Christmas Gifts"
  1. Even if you choose a small gift for someone, you must use innovative ways to decorate it. After all the money does not matter its the presentation that mostly matters.

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