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Desk Glam: DIY Polaroid Photos

Friday, January 9, 2015

For the 4th time - my cubicle makeover is almost complete. I've been procrastinating for six months trying to choose which photos I want to print and display at work, so hopefully you made the cut :).

If you love what I did to achieve the Polaroid look, then I'm excited to share how I did it.

I was originally searching Pinterest high and low to find a way to print square photos and I found something even better - a step by step post on DIY Instagram Polaroids that you can print at home for free here:

The post provides you with a free Polaroid template to save to your computer. Since I don't have Adobe Photoshop, my favorite part about the post is that this chick gives you a link to use Pixlr, which is a free online photo editor set up just like Adobe.

The directions tell you how to grab your photos directly from your Instagram, but if you want to upload your own from your computer like me, just click Layer > Open Image As Layer > Edit > Free Transform, choose the size you want, then follow the rest of her steps. She is super helpful and even includes a video showing you how its done.

I cut out all of my Polaroids and hung them with clothing pins to blue glittered tulle. The roll of tulle can be found at any craft store.

Overall, this was super easy but a little time consuming for perfectionists. Nothing we're not used to though, right?

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Happy Printing :-)
4 comments on "Desk Glam: DIY Polaroid Photos"
  1. where didyou get the chevron paper?

  2. where didyou get the chevron paper?

    1. Amazon! You can find a ton here:

    2. Does it stick to like a cloth cubical wall? Looks like yours is cloth right?