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Display Idea for Sample Sizes

Monday, January 12, 2015

Anyone else get an abundance of fabulous sample sized variety packs as gifts? They seem like such a great idea to give, but once you receive them, you're all like... Okay what in the world am I supposed to do with all these.

For example: I got this awesome Ulta Lip Glossary for Christmas - my eyes lit up, because I am a lip color hoarder, but it sat in its package for 2 weeks. It's almost like it looks much better on display in there.

Finally I decided they need to be shown off, and not in it's Christmasy display box.

If you have a significant amount of sample sized beauty products, I encourage you to put them on display in any type of jar or glass bowl to show them off. They're perfect for guests and add a fabulous touch to any surface!

P.S. - I separated the darks from the lights into pudding bowls... lol sorry mom
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