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DIY Cube Organizer Decor

Friday, January 23, 2015

Cube storage organizers are always a good idea – whether they're for actual storage, as drawers, or a unique display.

For my 13th birthday, my mom redid my entire room aqua and beige with a tropical moral on the back wall. I’m not sure how I didn't realize sooner, but I recently remembered HOLY F that was 10 years ago. Although I rearranged and switched some furniture up a handful of times since then, I noticed my TV stand (which is a 4 cube organizer) always stayed.

Now, for my 23rd birthday, I promise I’m finally redoing my room from top to bottom. As I plan my chic future sanctuary in my head, I can’t help but resort back to buying a brand new 9 cube organizer this time around for my TV.

Anyway, that’s beside the point of this whole post (my ADHD frequently gets the best of me). I wanted to share my sister's 3 cube decor with you, which is now her makeup display. I watched the whole thing - it took probably 8 minutes, and everything was super cheap.

She bought three different cardstock Scrapbook paper from AC Moore for only $.59 a sheet, double sided prints too! You can easily fit and fold the paper into the back walls of each cube to measure how much cropping you'll need to do to make it fit.

Once that parts done, grab some double-stick tape for all 4 back corners of your paper, and gently stick them inside.

Voila! Boring basic cube organizer turned FLEEK in a total of 8 minutes.

If you're interested in her 3-shelf organizer, you can purchase it from Target here.
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