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DIY Kiss Canvas

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's so hard to paint and rearrange your bedroom for a drastic change when all you want to do is skip to the decoration part. Luckily for me, I stocked up with some goodies from Michael's before getting snowed in today.

I'm sure you've seen framed kisses or kiss canvases all over Pinterest - and after giving one to my girl as her own DIY gift, I decided I'll do my own. IN ALL BLACK. I had some black lip gloss left over from a "High School Clique" mixer in which I intended on dressing up as a goth, but the lip gloss just never made the cut.

I grabbed an 8" x 10" canvas from Michael's, only $8.99 + a 40% off weekly coupon. Was so easy & dirt cheap!

So cute! My only advice would be to pick up cheap black lipstick instead of GLOSS - the lip gloss seems as if it'll take an eternity to dry in some spots. And also to fold a regular sized paper down to about the same size as your canvas to practice first, as seen in the middle photo.

Once you're confident, kiss it up! So excited to hang this near my vanity - coming soon :-)

Stay warm people!  XOXO
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