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Hair Styling - Sectioning 101

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Being 11 years apart from my big sister, I was introduced to hairspray and styling tools at a very young age. I remember being like, 9, and begging my mom to let me use my sister's big ass Hot Tools hair straightener and hair gel on gymnastics competition days. That's probably why I burnt all my hair off in 8th grade and my stylist forced me to learn how to blow dry.

Now approaching 23 years young, I've noticed that ever since I was old enough to get my hands on a flat iron I've never geared away from the way I've sectioned my hair. Although it's a little different than the typical front, back, two sides sectioning your stylist does when they do your hair, I find my technique just as effective when doing others hair as well.

Whether I'm flat ironing, curling, giving myself a blowout, or doing a coconut oil treatment, this is my step by step process.

First things first: if there is heat involved with whatever you're doing, you better be using a heat protectant spray! I use TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. You can get it at Walmart or any drugstore for $3.99. No excuses.


1.  With your two index fingers, part your hair from ear to ear until your fingers meet in the back. Tie or clip up the top half of your hair on top of your head. Begin styling the bottom half.

*I like to style in small sections starting from left to right. Always remember not to spend too much time on this section because although it is half of your hair, it is the least amount of hair seen underneath it all.*

2.  Clip together the already styled half, as seen below, then untie top half. Now part your hair from temple to temple and tie or clip up away from your face. Begin styling.

3.  Clip together all of your finished hair, and untie top half. This time, you're going to part your hair into a baby-bump poof relative to the size shown below. Begin styling this layer.

4. Clip together all of your finished hair, and release the final section. Because this is such a large chunk, I section it in threes or fours starting from the back making my way to the front. If you prefer a more chic styled middle or side part, you can section this final piece any way you want!

All done!  Xoxo

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