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#TBT Presents: Caboodles & Zigzag Headbands

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Started from the bottom....

Throwback Thursday to the two things that were on your wishlist at least once in the 90's...

The Caboodles Cosmetics Box and Zigzag Headbands - each in that exact color. Although Caboodles is still around and has come a long way, you'll never see the above OG color block box in stores ever again. Or the Bonne Bell Lip Glosses you stored in there either.  Not sure why zigzag headbands were a must, but they were perfect for pinning down those baby hairs in our gelled, slick-back ponytails.

If you can relate to this, check out last week's #TBT here. Nice little strut down memory lane.
3 comments on "#TBT Presents: Caboodles & Zigzag Headbands"
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