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#TBT Presents: An End to Lip Smacker

Thursday, February 12, 2015

#TBT and soon to be RIP to one of the betchiest childhood brands in the game. Could it be that Bonne Bell & Lip Smacker are soon to be extinct?

Announced worldwide last week, Lip Smacker, which is owned by Bonne Bell, confirmed on their Facebook page that the 91 year old company is officially shutting down, breaking 80's and 90's babies hearts across the world. So now what? Should we wipe out the end-of-the-aisle Lip Smacker section at Target before they're gone for good? Maybe....

But there is still hope for the future youth. The Bonne Bell company has 100% been sold, but the new owner will continue to distribute Lip Smacker products. Phew.

Will they leave the same root beer childhood flavor in our daughters' and granddaughters' mouths as they did in ours? We do not know.

Probably not. as Drake once said, #NWTS. Nothing Was The Same. So #TBT, #RIP, and #NWTS to our fondest retro product we had trouble hoarding over time.

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