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The Best "Party of 40" NYC Brunch Spot

Monday, February 9, 2015

Can every day be my birthday? As if hump day alone isn't a reason to celebrate turning 23 last Wednesday, I decided months ago that all I want is one night for my family, childhood friends, and college friends (who all live AT LEAST 2 hours away) to celebrate with me. What better spot than NYC, and what better idea than a Saturday morning boozy bottomless brunch?

I obviously asked NYC's biggest enthusiast who happens to be my sorority big + best friend, who has hit up every single brunch spot in the big apple, and who had previously hosted her own 20 person brunch at PRANNA, to help me plan.

When I told my big (Melody) that I have a list of 30 people I want to invite, she laughed in my face. I was positive that more than half these people would flake out anyway, as I've been such a hermit since I graduated.

I heard good things about PRANNA in a "fun" way, but not so much in a "quality" way. Melody hit up a bunch of places to inquire about accommodating such a large amount of people: Essex, PS 450, Bocca di Bacco, Tavern 29, and the rest were irrelevant. Essex's brunch started way too late in the day, PS 450 wanted over $500 as a deposit, and Bocca di Bacco's drinks were not bottomless. Completely hopeless and tired of reading Yelp reviews, my big gave me a serious ultimatum: have a messy, crammed, sour orange juice, shitty food, rude waiters, but a dancing-on-the-table atmosphere brunch, OR a sit down, quality food, good booze, parent-friendly, no rush endless brunch that ends just in time for the PRANNA after party.

I said F it let's book Tavern29.  $20 for two hours of endless mimosas, bloodies, and house beer, and $14-16 a brunch entree.

Tavern29 is a three-story hot spot including a rooftop German Biergarten located off of Park Avenue, conveniently around the corner from PRANNA. My big contacted Clare, Tavern 29's Director of Events, who booked us in no time. We started off by booking 20 people, upped that to 25, to 33, and just when Melody and I thought Clare was going to cut us off if we called one more time, we asked for a final count of "around 37" three days before my party. She responded by saying, "okay! Lets make it 40 just to play it safe". Done. Clare is a saint. Needless to say, the RSVP yeses were pouring in from all my amazing friends, and I did not get 1 flake out.

My family and I arrived way too early at 12:30 a.m. and my reservation was set for 1:30 p.m. Luckily, that was not a problem because our tables were all set and made up already! A majority of my people rolled in at 1 p.m. and Tavern 29 was nice enough to start the bottomless drinks at 1 instead of 1:30 for us. We took over more than half of the second floor, and our space was SO spread out and not crammed that I could have done cartwheels.

Nothing made me feel more outstanding than to see that the menus for each seating placement were headlined "Happy Birthday Brittany" and listed the four brunch entrees I picked for my guests to choose from.

I want to add that I noticed the menu said $25 for bottomless drinks. When I signed the paperwork upon reserving 4 weeks prior, I signed for $20. I notified the manager, and he informed me that they recently upped the price. Clare stepped in to let him know I booked before the change, and Tavern29 notified all my guests that the price is still at $20.

The bloody mary mix was fresh and homemade, the mimosas were strong and bubbly, and Tavern29's house lager came to all the tables in an awesome jug. Our waitress handed me "the official birthday girl cup" and I never saw the bottom of it.


I obviously ordered the fried chicken Breakfast Biscuit Stack, and it was phenomenal. Everyone loved the food, the drinks, everything. There were absolutely no issues or complaints, and when our 2 hour bottomless time was up, Tavern 29 brought out the rest of the drinks in pitchers in jugs for us to finish up. They didn't even chase us out.

There was absolutely no rush. We left around 4:45/5 p.m. which was way later than I expected to stay, and we headed over to PRANNA for the after party. I have no more information to report because I can't remember the rest of the night - which means Tavern29 did their job + beyond.

All I can say is that if you're looking for a quality endless brunch to accommodate more than 20 people (no clue where I got all these friends from), Tavern29 is the place to go. There is a parking garage right next door, it's a 8-15 minute cab ride from Port Authority and Penn Station, PRANNA is around the corner, and Clare was WAY too good to me.



P.S. - The best part of my night was opening this gift disguised in a Sephora bag, given to me by no one other than my big, Melody the Millennial, my best friend, The Beetique's inspiration, and the sole reason why I chose Tavern29 to be my 23rd birthday brunch spot.

If you came out to celebrate with me on Saturday, you know it was one for the books.
Thank you for that! I love you all :-)

3 comments on "The Best "Party of 40" NYC Brunch Spot"
  1. WOW! Great post little! Tavern 29 was hands down the best quality brunch I have been to in NYC. The staff was absolutely amazing and did so well for accommodating such a large party. My best friend looked and felt like a celebrity I'm so happy this party was such a success! Love you Beetique

  2. I can take idea from the pictures that how much fun you had that day. I also want to plan for a similar party but I not sure what kind of party planner should I hire for that. Do you have any suggestion for me?

    1. Many restaurants and venues have already staffed party planners. Clare, from Tavern 29, was so patient for baring with my shaky plans and coordinated the perfect day!