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Acrylic Jewelry Display

Monday, March 9, 2015

First my wall stencil project, then my shoe-icide display... I now present to you, my acrylic jewelry organization collection. ALL purchased for ridiculously affordable prices, located at a store nearest you. Ready?

HomeGoods, Marshall's, TJ Maxx... Get to know them, and make them your new best friend. I never realized how much jewelry I owned while it sat in one of those hanger organizers with the pockets, that were always falling out or collapsing from being too heavy. I finally put an end to picking up the mess on the ground like a broken pinata and purchased these Lucite jewelry display organizers. For only $51 total, my dresser is actually looking like a jewelry store.

12" Half Bar Jewelry Stand, TJ Maxx, $9.99.
12" Rotating Necklace Stand, TJ Maxx, $7.99.

7" Round T-Bar Bracelet Stand, HomeGoods, $12.99.

14" Glass Apothecary Jar, TJ Maxx, $9.99.

*my favorite!*
Ceramic Ring Holder Kitten Dish, TJ Maxx, $6.99.

There you have it! So I admit none of the above ended up being purchased at Marshall's, but I gotta give them credit for also having a wide jewelry organization selection.

Disclosure: All 5 pieces were purchased separately, 5 different times, at 3 different store locations, in a lengthy 3 weeks time. If I inspired you to glam up your jewelry display, always remember that it won't always take 1 store visit to purchase it all! Buy in intervals, and purchase only what you need.

P.S. - have you read about my Pandora Ring obsession yet?! See it here:


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10 comments on "Acrylic Jewelry Display"
  1. I am so in the same situation as you! I ust graduated, and have to move back home (for now). I love this display, your vanity chair, and throw pillows! Any luck with headboard or bed suggestions?

    1. It's so worth it, even if you aren't sure of how long you'll be living at home for, *sorry mom + dad*!! I decided not to go with a headboard because I took SO much pride into stenciling the wall that my bed is against. Didn't want to take away from that! tutorial here:

      I lean a white body pillow [standing straight up] against the wall to mimic a headboard, and then my normal two bed pillows in front. Love the homey / minimalist vibe! No need for a headboard here :)

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