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#TBT Presents: Sorority Sugar Freehand Wall

Thursday, April 23, 2015

In honor of my first visit to the land of degeneracy since graduation, this Throwback Thursday goes out to Alpha Phi at SUNY Cortland.

#TBT to being a scared-shitless pledge of Fall 2011, becoming initiated, and (somehow) getting voted to paint our letters on the basement wall after the first paint makeover in YEARS. Disclosure: If you think this is obnoxious, you should have seen it before.

As per usual when given a project, I went above & beyond: Alpha Phi // Victoria's Secret PINK inspired wall - all done freehand. The only things traced were the white squiggles outside of the outlined circle.... By using a paper plate. Improvising is the story of my life. 4 hours later, this was my creation (s/o to Elissa Madonia for hanging and providing opinions the whole time). Swear I'm not crazy, you'd be surprised at how easily anything can be sketched onto a wall by using a sharpie, small brush, and flat paint.

Looking back, the 'peace & love' is sooo cheesy (Pretty sure I was so stoned off paint fumes that I couldn't cope with the pressure of drawing the VS Pink Dog instead of a peace sign), but keep in mind that this was back when VS Pink launched their university/campus branding line. I'm under assumption that's the reason why I went on a Victoria's Secret themed rampage that year.

Victoria's Secret PINK Themed Big / Little Paddle

APhi's Secret - Victoria's Secret Themed Glass Decor

So when its time for another Phi Hive basement renovation, #NeverForget being a #YungPledge and surprising my chapter the day before date party with my work. Once a good wall gone bad, it's gone foreva.

If you're one of my Eta Tau bloods, hiiiii :) see you tomorrow, love yousss! Xoxox
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