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Summer 2015 Must-Have :: Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration

Friday, May 22, 2015

Kick start your MDW off right with one of this season's favorite!

I'm a sun worshiper. I can't stand sunscreen unless it's below SPF 15 - which is a HORRIBLE way of thinking considering my age. I'm not sure if its the smell of sunscreen that turns me off, or the nasty film it leaves sitting on your skin.

When it came time to purchase travel toiletries for my trip to Puerto Rico (which was incredible btw, read about it here) I knew I couldn't get away with exposing my skin to San Juan's April sun with any SPF that's under 15.

I came across Hawaiian Topic's Silk Hydration line in Target and knew it was exactly what I needed!

I'm addicted to moisturizers. Since sunscreen isn't so much "a lotion", I think that's the reason for the beef I have. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 30  ($6.99) is the ideal product and will be my holy grail all summer. It's sunscreen and moisturizing lotion all in one - so if you're a bronzed goddess like myself, you know this is perfect for that dry after-sun skin when you refuse to not participate in the next-day beach outing. As pictured above, the product is a lotion-consistent sunscreen with hydrating ribbons throughout.

DISCLAIMER: Nico and I could've definitely used an SPF 50 in Puerto Rico. I don't recommend bringing SPF 30 to a tropical island during the summer months!

Saved as the best for last, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun  ($6.99) WAS. BOMB. DOT. COM. Three weeks later and I'm still using this as my daily moisturizer after every shower. Just like Broad Spectrum SPF 30, there are hydration ribbons throughout in addition to soothing aloe gel. I'm a huge fan because just like my hate for sunscreen - aloe vera gel doesn't moisturize my skin enough. Nothing is worse than getting out of the shower and smothering your sunburn with cold aloe vera. Its relieving at first, until your skin begins to feel tight and crying for moisturizer. I choose any type of After Sun Aloe Vera Lotion over Aloe Vera Gel any day, and to me & my skin, that's so much more effective.

You can purchase these two from Target here & here :-)
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