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#TBT Presents: Sorority Graduation Cap + Free Printable

Thursday, May 7, 2015

It hurts my heart that this was 1 year ago! Apologies to all the seniors if this #TBT is #TooSoon, but before you know it it'll be that time. To make up for "going there already", I have a freebie for your DIY caps.

Making my [fabulous] graduation cap was bittersweet and something I'll forever remember. My best friend and I went on a JoAnn's Fabric Store haul and bought two colors of glittered scrapbook paper (silver + bordeaux, shout out to Alpha Phi), hot glue, and a bag of variety-size rhinestones. Here's what I came up with:

I know you're thinking that looks like a lot of work, but the hardest part was finding the perfect letters. To spare you some time, I created a 100% FREE printable PDF for you to cut and trace your sorority or fraternity letters with here. :-)

For the Letter + Outline:
Simply cut along the outline of the lighter gray & trace onto the paper of choice. This should look like a silhouette of the letter. Once completely done, use the same traceable letter to cut OFF the lighter gray leaving only the inner dark gray. Hot glue the smaller letter onto the larger, and move onto next letter.

For the Letter Without Outline:
Cut along the edge of the dark gray letter. Use to trace onto paper of choice, then hot glue to cap.

click photo below to download your 100% free printable:

thanks for reading & HAPPY GRADUATION! xoxo
1 comment on "#TBT Presents: Sorority Graduation Cap + Free Printable"
  1. Where can I find this font? I'd love to have the font for other projects and to use with my digital cutter.