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Throw Pillow Display x Storage Basket

Monday, June 8, 2015

Although I'm absolutely loving the cleanliness of my newly made-over bedroom, I'm ashamed to admit how often I actually make my bed. But seriously, if you don't have your own place and you still hit snooze till the very last second before you absolutely MUST wake up for work, then you already know ain't nobody got time for that.

Seriously, what do people do with their decorative pillows and throw blankets when it's time to go to sleep? Do you throw them on the floor, or leave them at the end of the bed and wake up with them on the floor?

I found this wired basket at Marshalls for only $14.99 and immediately knew that it was a genius storage / display idea for my fabulous throw pillows.... And if you've seen my post on throw pillow budgeting, you already know I take much pride in those babies.

It was only until after the light bulb that I started noticing similar baskets around the same price at places such as HomeGoods and K-Mart - and I'm sure many people who have passed them were unsure of a purpose.

I can imagine these baskets to be just as great in a guestroom or living room for extra blankets, pillows, or even toys and stuffed animals for kids.

Beetique Tip:  Repurpose a wired trashcan or tall wired laundry bin for an identical look!

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