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Nasty Gal Jumpsuit - My DIY Sewing Inspiration

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm obsessed with rompers, jumpsuits, playsuits, whatever you prefer to call them. No matter the season, no matter the event. I don't care if taking them off is the extra 20 seconds that may cause you to pee yourself. They are one of the most fabulous articles of clothing a girl can own. 

But - do you know how hard it is for a 4"10 chick at 90 lbs. to find a decent fitting romper?

My mother grew up sewing her own clothes because she had the same problem as me - tiny, inspired by fashion, and had repetitive fitting room failures. In middle school, I learned the basic stitch on our sewing machine.

I would steal my older sister's clothes, turn them inside out, and sew up the sides tailoring them to fit me (behind her back, sorry Mel). I was so secretive about it that I didn't even care if the shirt was white and the thread in the machine was black.

Last summer, my mom came across a bag of old clothes and showed me all the shit she made herself when she was my age - 2 of which I stole from her (and 1 I actually wore to my college graduation!).

From then on out I was inspired to try sewing my own unique pieces, and eventually selling tops off Etsy, coming soon in 2015 :).

Since August, I've made 3 outfits so far - you can check them out on my DIY page listed under "beginner's sewing projects by tweaking Simplicity's Sewing Patterns".

In honor of my departure to Mexico in 2 days with my boy, I completed my 4th outfit this week. Its a Nasty Gal inspired romper, and i'm so excited to tell you how I did it.

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I purchased this Simplicity pattern on sale for $.99 from Hobby Lobby for the very first pair of white shorts I made, which is pictured on my DIY page. After making the shorts, I actually freehand-edly cut out two pieces from my leftover fabric, sewed them to the waistband, and tied 2 knots. VoilĂ ! An open back halter romper.

Get this pattern delivered to your doorstep from Amazon here.

The pattern provided shorts as well as the same style in pants form, so I decided to make the pants for my Nasty Gal inspired jumpsuit. The pants called for pleats in the front, darts in the back, a side zipper, two pockets, and a ton of trying on.

After all panels of the pants were sewn together, I once again freehand-edly cut out two panels for the top half of my jumpsuit. This time I traced my own pattern onto tissue paper for future projects as pictured above. I finished off the edges, tried on the pants, and held the two top panels against my chest to where I wanted them to be. My mom pinned the bottom edges of the top to the waist band of my pants, and I sealed the deal by sewing them up right against the pins.


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