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The 10 Commandments of Happy Hair

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So the relationship between you & your hair is on the verge of a painful break up. Your hair has a problem with every little thing you want to do, but you'll do anything to try and make it right.

Coming from the girl who colors her hair every three months, I'm not going to lecture you on why dying your hair is horrible for you and how you need to put an end to that right now. I get it - it's hard to be content with your natural hair color. It took bleach-to-my-ends in order for me to wrap up my collection for The 10 Commandments of Happy Hair:
1. Thou shalt have no other stylist before thee (and thy hairdresser);
who are the only ones with power to bring thee out of the land of hair misery, into the house of hair happiness.

2. Thou shalt not exceed 3 months without a haircut;
for thy hair grows 1/2 inch every four weeks and uncut hair will always break instead of grow.

3. Remember thy shampooing day to keep it holy;
2-3 shalt thou wash per week; for those days are a Sabbath. Avoid consecutive washing days.

4. Honor thy natural hair;
that thy days be long in which there is no one to impress.

5. Thou shalt not disagree to acquire skill in blow drying versus straightening;
being that pin straight hair prone to greasiness and less voluminous than blowouts.

6. Thou shalt not mess with baby hairs;
that deserve thy time to grow and strengthen without being bothered, as any baby does.

7. Thou shalt not exceed 320 degrees on thy flatiron;
for low heat shalt thou finish job just as well as high heat shouldst.

8. Thou shalt not fear oils or healing treatments;
as thy hair absorbs oil products, and oil treatments heal thy strands.

9. Thou shalt not pay any mind to split ends;
or any likeliness of self destroying; thou shalt tie hair back when tempted.

10. Thou shalt not fail to lay out an "if, then" statement before any hair decision:
If I am tempted to wash my hair too soon,
then I will master the chic bun for the day instead.

If I am bothered by my burnt-to-a-crisp baby hairs,
then I will rock a headband instead of flatironing them.

If I decide to wash with purple shampoo,
then I must do a coconut oil treatment before my next wash.

If my blowouts seem to be lacking body and volume,
then this must mean I'm due for a cut.

If I need to wash my hair more than 4 times a week,
then my hair must be left natural & untouched at least once.
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