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#TBT: 18 Pathetic AOL Profile Requirements You Made Yourself Meet

Thursday, December 11, 2014

1)  The Comic Sans MS alternating Impact font pattern.

2)  The alternating uppercase lowercase.

3)  The quote or lyric underneath your name.

That best described your feelings for the week.

4)  Your best friends' initials.
Ranked in order from favorite to least favorite (at the time of).

5)  The obvious deletion or spot movement of your besty’s initials.

6)  The hidden message.

Typed in the same color font as your background so that only people highlighting your profile can see it.

7)  “%n”.
For whoever is viewing's screen name to pop up. WHY.

8)  The love quote.
So your crush could maybe get a clue.

9)  The stars.
Who could it be? Mike? Nick? Joey? I thought she liked frank but that’s 5 letters…

10)  The date you got asked out.

Because god forbid no one knew you finally hit the 2 week mark. 

11)  The inside joke.
...That made absolutely no sense except to 1 person, who you probably hung out with once.

12)  Copy and pasting a sappy IM from your crush.

13)  Erasing #12.
...Because your crush saw it and got pissed.

14)  Wingdings and Webdings fonts.

15)  & hearts ;
For when " < 3 " wasn't good enough.

16)  Spacing out your words.

17)  The link to your homepage.
Which had to have the number of views at the bottom.

18)  The knowledge of html codes for all of the above.
..That you refused to tell anyone about because then they’d copy you. < / end >


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