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Determine Your Ring Size

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I've been a fan of jewelry all my life, but never rings for two reasons. 1, they never fit my baby fingers, and 2, I would lose them because they'd magically fall off.

For my 21st birthday I was given the most gorgeous rose gold heart band ring. My boyfriend and I went back to Kay Jewelers where they sized my right hand's ring finger. I can't remember what size it ended  up being, but it was something so ridiculously small that I was told I'd need to wear my ring on a larger finger, otherwise there would be nothing left of the ring. I chose my middle finger which ended up being a size 4, and they sent the ring away to be sized.

Two years later and I'm ready to expand my ring collection... Side note: who knew that Pandora has great rings?! So I'm window shopping online last night for stackable rings and realized I have no clue what size I am. The size 4 ring is a little roomy after some time, and Pandora sells their rings by the size so they won't send away to get fitted.

I came across a printable ring sizer online at and was pretty impressed! Call me crazy but I did not know this existed, so if you're as crazy as me, then you're welcome.

This printable PDF shows you 3 options to size yourself at home.

1.  Use sizer to measure finger (shown above)

2.  Use a current ring to compare

3.  Use a string for measuring

** Please be advised that the above photos were taken directly from the PDF that must be printed  from the original for accurate sizing here:  **

Don't forget to confirm the correct size of your print out by measuring 3 inches to the given bar (they give you step by step directions!) and making sure the "fit to page" option or "fit to scale" is UNCHECKED!!!! when ready to print.

Happy ring sizing :-)

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