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Mac Siss + NYX Expresso

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

For those who know me - you know I'm a diehard lipstick fanatic.

The obsession is real, and only continuing to get worse. So bad, that I can't even buy a lipstick without getting a lip liner pairing as well. Not only am I running out of room in my lipstick storage space, but its getting harder to decipher which liner is which!

With that being said, I'm so excited to share my first lipstick swatch with you!

My love for lipstick started off by falling for vampy colors. Wines, reds, purples - even in the summertime. Although I never went for that kind of look during the daytime, the fixation became so real that I started to whip my darks out on a June afternoon.

Once I entered the real world (and had the extra cash), I decided it's time to give my darks a rest. If I'm so in love with lipstick, why haven't I experimented different shades? I purchased Mac lipstick in Siss, $16, while shopping with a friend who insisted I need an everyday neutral.

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I'm not lying when I say Mac Siss sat in my lipstick cube for 3 months. My lips are naturally lighter than my skin tone to begin with, so this was way too light for my liking.

After reading many reviews I noticed that a lot of medium to dark skinned girls pair Mac Siss with Mac lipliner in Chestnut, $16. I figured before I splurge on a brown lipliner to emphasize a lipstick I'm not even crazy about, I should try Chestnut's dupe - NYX lipliner in Espresso. I'm SO glad I did, which is why I'm choosing to mention this lip pairing first.

Start off by lining the outer corners of your lips and gently shading it in for less harsh of a line. Lightly line the cupids bow as well as the rest of your lips. Apply lipstick. Lastly, shade your liner into your lipstick gently if needed to blend.

This lipstick and lip liner pairing combination is perfect for medium skinned girls like myself who are looking for natural shades that are still darker than their natural lip color. While feeling a little pale and washed out in the wintertime, Mac Siss and NYX Espresso (or Mac Chestnut) still gives me that just-sunkissed look on my actual dry lips.

If you love burgundies, I encourage you to go out and try browns and tans. You'll feel pretty 90's at first - but I promise you'll love the look!

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Espresso can be purchased on Amazon here.

2 comments on "Mac Siss + NYX Expresso"
  1. "Once I entered the real world (and had the extra cash)" haha love it little. Also love the wise words of the week!

  2. Amazing Britt! Can't wait to try this color ��