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DIY // Baby Gift :: Diaper Cake

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My mother, who is the ULTIMATE creative craft consultant (say that 5 times fast), presented me with an almost identical picture of my photo above off Pinterest. She demanded I make this as a gift for my cousin's baby shower. A little threatened at first, I laughed and explained what is, and that this cute little display is only viral on Pinterest because it's being sold on Etsy for $60. Backfiring, she laughed at me, and said "you're making this".

I was shocked at how inexpensive and quick this project was. Everyone raved over it. In the end, the joke was actually on Etsy.

Cardboard (from a leftover box will do!)
Wrapping paper in color of choice
Regular scotch tape
2 packages of diapers
Rubber ducks (optional)
Clear stones or beads for "bubbles" (optional)
Clear wrap (optional)

Step 1
Use a round-bottomed item found around the house, such as an upside-down bowl or serving plate, to trace a nice big circle onto your cardboard. Place diaper packages on top to make sure of appropriate sizing before cutting. Cut when finished.

Step 2
Wrap one side of the cardboard with wrapping paper of choice. This can be a little tricky, hence the jagged edges on mine. It helps to cut your wrapping paper into a circle about 2-3 inches larger than your cardboard circle, then wrap edges in an overlapping-type manner. No body sees the bottom anyway!

Step 3
Use your receiving blankets to wrap the diaper packs. I wrapped them exactly as I would if I were wrapping a gift. Use your double stick tape sparingly to tuck the bottom edges under. Finish it off with ribbon, if necessary.

Step 4
Find an appropriate spot on the cardboard for placement of the bottom diaper pack (I chose the blue one). As a perfectionist, the foundation is always the hardest part! Use your double stick tape to secure in place. A little goes a long way, so I only used 1 inch of tape on each bottom corner.

Step 5
Repeat step 4 with the second diaper pack (I chose the yellow one), and place on top of the first pack. How easy was that?

Step 6
Go crazy with the rest of your receiving blankets and optional decorations by taking advantage of the double stick mounting tape. I rolled up 2 blankets, added 3 dollar store rubber duckies and clear stone "bubbles", then finished it off with a big bow on top.

VoilĂ !

Wrap it with clear wrap to blow all the other gift baskets away, or just leave as is. Who needs to spend $60 + shipping on Etsy when you can spend under $30 + an hour of your day? Not me, and certainly not you.
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