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Statement Jewels at Low-key Prices

Monday, April 6, 2015

You would be surprised about where you can find quality statement necklaces, jewelry, and handbags at such an awesome price.

DSW. Yup!

Both by One Wink, I purchased those gold and pink oversized diva studs for only $7.99 and the adorable necklace above was on sale for only $29.94.

But wait - it gets better. DSW frequently has "colored tag" sales, so the necklace with a red $29.94 tag actually meant additional 50% off all red tags, so I left DSW with TWO GREAT PIECES for under $25.

It's so hard to find exactly what you're looking for when it comes to costume jewelry... Let alone the fact that sometimes the prices can be pretty high for something that may have a lifespan of two-wears tops. Head on over to DSW and check our their ahh-mazingly low prices that do not reflect their quality.

1 comment on "Statement Jewels at Low-key Prices"
  1. Incredible collection! I also have a great collection of body jewelry and I am really in love with that.