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24 Things You Learn from Your [Wild] Second Half

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In honor of my diary, life coach, best friend, and sorority big sister turning 24, who wrote 9 Things You Think About on Your Best Friend's Birthday - Here are 24 things I've learned from my wild second half.

1.  Your BFF isn't your BFF unless...
The things they do, have done, or said has made you choke, cry, spit, or become short of breath from laughing so hard.

2.  It's okay to dream big.
...Even if your ideas are implausible.

3.  You won't always come to concurrence with someone who was raised differently.
Because at the end of the day, no two humans were raised the same. Even if you're blood related.

4.  Constant conversation with your friends will get you through your work day.

5.  Do the unexpected.
Especially if it's something you never knew you'd be amazing at.

6.  The beauty of your friends becoming friends.

7.  When you get a little, you get a new boyfriend.
And sometimes it just so happens to be perfect timing.

8.  Sleep is for those who don't have tons of ish to be done.
Because you can use those 8 hours of sleep to work at Disney Theatrical from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., followed by a Class Pass session, then recording a song in the studio, straight to band rehearsal from there, and ending the day (at 2:00 a.m.) on the LIRR.

9.  Let loose & leave your comfort zone.

10.  Everything about everyone that they come into contact with daily.
Whether its their mailman, cleaning lady, boss, brother's girlfriend's cat, or their dad you only met once. You know their name + their deal. And your wild BFF knows the same about you.

11.  The best cure for anything is.... Cheetos.

12.  Quality > Quantity.
In so many ways.

13.  Raise your children in a diverse atmosphere.

14.  Sometimes the truth hurts...
But it will set you (or somebody else) free.

15.  Not everyone is going to believe in you.
Even if they're in your circle.

16.  Opposites attract.

17.  Baby fever is a real thing.
Even if you're not dating, deep in loan debt, living with your parents, and single as a dollar.

18.  All you need are a few quality staples in your wardrobe.
Quality > quantity, right? via

19.  Turn your adjectives into titles.
Because nothing gets your point across more than "5 Days Dirty" The Sequal, or describing yourself on your ugliest day as "Hurt Magazine", Limited Edition.

20.  Sometimes you just need some convincing.
Like splurging on that $120 two hour unlimited brunch, or why Chipotle addictions need to end.

21.  Good things happen to those who are patient.

22.  People make mistakes.
Never hold a grudge. Don't jump to conclusions. Be aware if it becomes a pattern.

23.  Give yourself an alter ego.
Because sometimes you don't really know if that was you, Polly, Shavon, Dodi, or Harriet rapping in the mirror after 3 Patron on the rocks.

24.  Do less, be [so much] more.

Happy 24th Birthday Big! Love you more than french fries!
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  1. Why do my comments NEVER go through! I love this post! I just came back to it to re-read lol Little you are the best I love you so much and I am so #blessed that we can learn from each other everyday <3