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#TBT Presents: Crazy Bones & Milky Pens

Thursday, June 18, 2015

If you're an 80's or 90's kid, Gel Pens and Milky Pens have definitely impacted your childhood in some way, shape, or form. But who remembers these tiny, colorful collectibles called Crazy Bones?!

The reason I add Crazy Bones to the mix is because my six year old niece, as well as the entire six year old community, has been obsessed with these little things called Shopkins? Apparently they're always sold out, and when stores get a new shipment in, they are wiped out within an hour. They look like little toy groceries with faces, the same size as Crazy Bones. I didn't understand their purpose, or what they do.... Until I remembered my six year old Crazy Bones addiction. Touché, Mia.

Photo from FV store online

I seriously don't even remember what we were supposed to do with them, or why they existed. All I know is that they were super important... And if you possessed any of the rare characters or colors, it was considered a form of royalty. No basics allowed on the block. I think they were sold in packs of four like the photo above? And you NEVER knew which ones were going to be inside.

We can all agree that Crazy Bones and Milky Pens were both short lived (although I keep four Metallic Gel Pens at my work desk) and hard to find, shout out to my parents for granting my wishes whenever I demanded a trip to hole-in-the-wall gift shops just to get these legendary products.

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