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Chairish x The Beetique :: Mix n Chic Style Challenge

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Chairish - Mix n Chic Style Challenge

When it comes to interior decorating, one thing always comes to mind: Shabby Chic. Although "Shabby Chic" is extremely broad to say the least, I noticed that my design focus has a common thread {no pun intended!}. It has me passionate about neutral colors such as gray, white, and beige, vintage accent colors such as black, brown gold, and silver, rustic furniture, modern faux fur, and clean, radiant vibes.

If you've seen my bedroom makeover or any of the many evolving interior decorating projects I've conquered, I'm sure you can agree on my taste in pattern: Vintage, yet modern, shabby chic. With a side of rustic bohemian. I absolutely love it.

Holly, the community manager from Chairish, contacted me to see if I'd be interested in taking on their exclusive Mix n Chic Style Challenge. Chairish is an online marketplace where those with a knack for design can buy and sell vintage items such as furniture, decor, jewelry and accessories. As seen in InStyle, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and The Oprah Magazine, their stuff is beyond fabulous. In fact, Chairish was recently named one of POPSUGAR's 5 Sites Better Than Craigslist. Not too shabby [chic] for a nearly new online marketplace launched in 2013.

The Mix n Chic Style Challenge was to create a styleboard for any room of choice by mix and matching various styles of Shabby Chic furniture from Chairish or anywhere else we desired. Seemed overwhelming at first - until I got started. This proved how easy and effortless it is to style Shabby Chic pieces. I seriously could not stop!

My inspiration: I'm always so intrigued by the bohemian, shabby chic styled rooms you constantly see flooding Pinterest. The ones that look like they were furnished straight out of a thrift store. The ones that makes the whole "mattress on the floor, no boxspring, no headboard" look no where near unfinished. The ones that turn a small, studio apartment into a dream. Wood floors, white bedding, faux fur throws, neutral accents. No clutter, no color, yet the dreamiest thing you ever-did-see.

Concluded from my challenge invitation, the sky is the limit when choosing what room I'd be designing. Since my taste in style and decorating [via my viral decorating posts] made me an ideal candidate for the challenge, I decided to design my dream at-home Dressing Room. All pieces are exclusively from, except the Loubs, which was the cherry on top of course! :-).

from left to right, top to bottom

1.  24" Macrame Wall Hanging - Gorgeous. Although oversized on my styleboard, it reminds me of a smaller alternative to a hanging tapestry. Perfect for minimal space.

2.  Reclaimed Iron Window Frame Mirror - A room isn't a room without a window, even if it's a closet room (...or not a real window). I love the rustic, vintage feel of this repurposed frame.

3.  Authentic Chanel Classic CC Pearl Lariat Necklace hanging from a vintage, creamy colored Shabby Chic Mirror - Because there is nothing better than an oversized full-body mirror with a bold frame. And Chanel pearls hanging from the top of your reflection, of course!

4.  Five Arm Silver Candelabra #381 - The way to a woman's heart? Candles. Candelabras will never be "too antique" for me, and a more affordable alternative to hanging chandeliers.

5.  Mahogany Music Stand - Love at first sight when trying to find the perfect side table for my antique Candelabra to stand on.

6.  Nesting Table Trunks: A Pair - The description speaks for itself: "The trunks look great on a vanity or men's dressing table, bookshelf, or trinket box of special curiosities". Although I tend to veer away from bold blacks, the brass trimming makes them a perfect fit.

7.  Chocolate Brown Vintage Taznakht Moroccan Pouf - I'm still adjusting to the #VanityLife (sitting at my vanity makes me feel like such a celeb!), but sitting Indian-style in front of a mirror to do my makeup is my favorite pastime. I'd stare at myself all day on this fabulous Moroccan pouf!

8.  1950s Vintage Acme Adjustable Size a Dress Form - My sewing mentor, aka my mother, seriously cannot believe I sew and haven't made use of a dress form yet. They don't make them like they used to, and that's why I am so in love with this O.G. Acme dress form.

9.  White Long-Haired Goat-Skin Rug - Although I prefer my decorative fur to be vegan, I still prefer my area rug to be white fur! How badly do you want to roll around on this?! Guilty.

I had so much fun creating this styleboard via Polyvore. I used to be such a "silver doesn't mix with gold" kinda gal, but I'm so glad times have changed. The two totally compliment each other, and the shabby chic focus totally blends the look for that seamless, clean vibe that I adore. Thank you Holly for reaching out, and especially thank you to Chairish for letting my imagination run free!

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  1. I love it little!!!!! wow. The dark colors are so chic here

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