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Change is Good ;; Summer Pink Nails

Friday, June 26, 2015

Short, square, pink nails? Change is good.

Next time I decide to treat myself to a trip to the nail salon after a nice, long, breather bend, remind me that acrylic tips were NEVER a good idea. Side note:  That's what I always say when I get them and sooner than later regret!

Back in April, I got a full set of Kylie-inspired acrylic tips in the most fabulous shade of mauve. It was only until my second fill when I came to the conclusion that these bad boys are coming off, and I will not be back for a third fill. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Ombre French Manicure // Gradual Nails, but the long almond shape made the acrylics nearly impossible to easily lift off. Oh, but you can sit and soak your nails off in a cereal bowl of acetone. Ain't nobody got time fa dat.

Naturally, I ended up back at the salon for a third fill (is that how they get you?) and decided its best to get rid of the almond shape // stiletto nails for easier removal once it's time. It was fun having Kylie nails for a couple of months, but hey, do less be more.

I'm not a fan of short nails, as they do nothing for my little fingers and baby sized hands, #shortgirlproblems. And PINK?! The color pink is most definitely not my favorite. It's summer, and change is good.

I went with You Make Me Blush N405 by Kiara Sky Professional Nail Lacquer and I am absolutely loving it. It's also available in gel color as well.

Getting your nails filed too short is a lot like getting your hair trimmed... It's a devastating change, but a week later you can't even see the difference. Shout out to Professionail - Manalapan for always hooking it up.
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