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» Flaunting My Glam Boudoir

Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh, ya know, just showing off. I've been talking about the bedroom makeover that my diva spot has been under since February, and she's finally complete. #BraggingRights »

I've probably posted about ten separate blog posts for each project from top to bottom in my bedroom, so here's the place to easily find it all. Enjoy!

A Shoe-icide Display ; 9 cube organizer  ||  Saving Space Vertically ; shelf unit

Monogram "B" Mug ; Kate Spade  ||  Floating Shelves ; IKEA

IKEA Vanity Trends ; white desk & 9 drawer set  ||  Louis Ghost Chair Dupe ; acrylic vanity chair  || Hair Styling Tool Holder ; acrylic magazine rack

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3 comments on "» Flaunting My Glam Boudoir"
  1. I love it, just inspired me so much!

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