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My Yankees Ensemble ┇ DIY Cut Off Tee

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For years my mother had been asking for tickets to see a Yankees game as a family. Being that I'm the youngest of three it's super hard for us to all get together. But guess what? We did it. Last Tuesday, the original Barry's + my little niece, Mia, took a joyride to the Bronx and witnessed the Yanks beat the Baltimore Orioles 3-2.

[Rewind «] Naturally, the night before I had "nothing to wear".

Last week's weather on the East Coast was absurdly hot, so I searched high and low for a Yankees tank top. Just like any shopping trip, you never find what you're looking for and always find gems when you truly don't need them. Instead of throwing a diva fit in front of my dad in the middle of Sports Authority, I picked up a children's large t-shirt (LOL) and decided I'd cut my own tank.

I was always that one friend who everyone would come to asking if I could cut their shirts off-the-shoulder or into tank tops. Then it became a domino effect, "I saw you cut Alyssa's shirt, can you do mine and Jen's too?". Note: when you're afraid to cut your own shirt, the cutter is 10x more afraid to cut someone else's shirt, as it rarely would come out perfect for myself. Except this time. I mastered the cut!

I think what throws us off the most when it comes to mastering the t-shirt cut is that we underestimate how loose-fitted plain, cotton t-shirts really are. Especially without the seam. Which is why the solution is so simple!
  • Measure an inch from the armpit seam to right below the side of your shirt.
  • Repeat from where the top shoulder seam meets the sleeve, also an inch apart.
  • Begin cutting, from the bottom marking under the armpit to the top marking near shoulder.
  • Be sure to consistently cut an inch away from the sleeve's seam.
  • Repeat on opposite sleeve.
Try your tank top on. Love it? Simple as that, done! If not, repeat another inch until desired amount of arm opening.

details:  NYY distressed t-shirt  |  disco shorts  |  lace bralette, similar here  |  matte lipstick in Whirl  |  gold aviators  |  tortoise shell arm party

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