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My Dream Closet | Compass x The Beetique

Monday, September 21, 2015
My Dream Closet - The Beetique

It wasn't until recently that I put together a vision of what my dream closet would look like - could it be that I'm so used to teeny tiny closet space? Side note: By no means does the size of my closet reflect the size of my wardrobe. That 'ish is totally packed in! I recently found out about Compass, a new real estate platform based in New York, and was inspired to share my dream closet with you.

On Compass's site, you can flawlessly browse available real estate listings. Although I haven't reached that stage in my life where I'm ready to look for a new home, I think that many can agree presentation is everything. When comparing two homes to buy, one may choose the smaller home with a pool over the significantly less expensive home with no pool, but tons of land in their backyard. Would you go for the more affordable blank canvas and come up with your own outdoor oasis? Or would you splurge on the home that's smaller with a luxurious backyard? Funny enough, people still choose their home based on closet space and the way its sorted for organization.

For my dream closet, I went for a shabby chic (as usual LOL), modern-meets-vintage themed closet with consistent neutral hues: white, taupe, grays, and silver accents. I'm a huge fan of white wardrobes, especially row-by-row against the wall. For my dream closet, I decided to go with two IKEA ANEBODA Wardrobes in white against the side wall, and the 5 Small Space Wardrobe Storage Solutions from IKEA Apartment Therapy against the main wall. This is the ultimate diva room, equipped with an in-closet pedicure station that'll have your hubby saying "hell no" at first glace, but "hell yes" once he's in the chair!

closet necessities :: Swarovski Bronze Chandelier  |  Wrought Iron Dress Form  |  2 IKEA ANEBODA Wardrobes in white  |  Wool Moroccan Rug  |  Silver Moroccan Pouf  |  5 Small Space Wardrobe Storage Solutions

closet accessories & details ::  Acrylic Nail Polish Organizer  |  White Pedicure Chair  |  Drum End Table  |  Standup Jewelry Organizer  |  Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Organizer  |  Hamse Jewelry Organizer  |  Coffee Table

All collages made on Polyvore. Thank you Compass for such a fun style challenge! Go check them out :-).
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