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Sea Me @ The Beach w/ These #BeachDayMusts

Monday, July 11, 2016

I hope your Fourth of July weekend was nothing short of fabulous. And entering mid-July (huuuuge gasp) means one thing: sunshine state of mind + beach lifestyle. I grew up on the Jersey Shore. I don’t mess around when it comes to prime tanning hours. I spring wish list’ed while the east coast wasn’t finished snowing yet, tattooed a starfish to my body, shared the BEST, most realistic self-tanner, and gave my cubicle a beach-esque makeover. SH!T, I even once made it a beach-themed Christmas.

Needless to say, it's thrive season for The Beetique.

This post is inspired by Adore Me, and I'm super excited to share my #BeachDayMusts: Neutral Edition.

Fresh Peony Brightening UV Shield  -  this silky cream is formulated to reduce the appearance of any dark pigmentation on the skin such as sun spots, while also protecting against future damage. With SPF 50+, I couldn't imagine a more perfect product that will hydrate, even out skin tone, brighten, and deliver protection all at the same time.

Lanie High Neck Bikini by Adore Me  -  I can't put into words how hyped I am that the 'high neck' look is in. ESPECIALLY for swimwear. What a time to be alive, for all my larger busted ladies [like myself]!

Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera in white  -  because my white Canon DSLR just isn't enough, and nothing beats taking a picture of your polaroid picture on the beach.

Jimmy Choo Nita Sunnies  -  neutral sunglasses are in, and the gold arms make this pair chic AF. I tend to gravitate towards aviators whenever choosing new sunglasses, but if I were to change it up, these snakeskin sunnies would be mine.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in 'honey'  -  addicted to all things Fresh, this needs to be on your wishlist too! Honey leaves a warm nude tint while soothing + protecting the lips. SPF 15 makes it perfect for your beach bag.

Turkish Pestemal Towel  -  totally loving the "blanket" towel look this season versus the traditional terrycloth, printed towel.

Tales from the Back Row by Amy Odell  -  have and LOVE. Amy Odell is the editor of and writes about her hilarious collection of observations that she has experienced while working in the fashion industry.

Cool Down Spray by Sun Bum  -  I'm a firm believer that the only way to soothe freshly sun-burnt skin is aloe gel, but the smell + stickiness can definitely be irritating after awhile. I've heard great things about Sun Bum's Cool Down Spray, which is a continuous spray containing aloe, cucumber extract, and Vitamin E. Sunburns are rarely tolerable, but I can imagine this spray making it a wee-bit better.

Steve Madden Malta Slip Ons  -  block heels > slides any day, but shoes in the sand calls for slides. These Steve Maddens in gold go perfectly with the Jimmy Choo sunnies.

Loeffler Randall Beach Tote  -  this tote has beach day written all over it, but also has a look of versatility. I can definitely see myself getting use out of this as an overnight bag or airplane carry-on during the cooler months. No matter it's purpose, this is 100% a statement tote.

Quinn Bralette by Adore Me  -  bralettes are a must-have not only this season, but this year. Say goodbye to your favorite tops and tanks that don't cover enough bra, and say hello to chic lace peeking out from under. I guarantee this will dress any basic outfit up.

So which would you try?! What are some #BeachDayMusts you are loving this season?! P.S. - I bet you didn't know that Adore Me sold swimwear just as cute as their lingerie ;) xoxo, B.
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