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Our Seaside Boho Corner Apartment

Thursday, October 4, 2018

I owe you a way overdue tour of our chic little corner apartment in Long Beach, New York! But first, I totally have some explaining to do.

A big chunk of my time off from blogging was spent trying to choose a location to live with the boyfriend. I lived with my parents in central New Jersey and worked in NYC. He lived with his parents out east on Long Island and worked 35 min west, also on Long Island.  I had already accepted the fact that living in NJ together would be impossible for his work commute. But, the Jersey diva that I am couldn't come to terms with living on Long Island. I demanded we live in Brooklyn, Queens, or no where... until one morning, I literally woke up and did a 180. I texted Nico something along the lines of "if you make me move to Long Island, the only place I'll go is Long Beach or anywhere near the ocean".  And here we are.

This was the very first apartment we looked at on a chilly Friday evening in December, and to be brutally honest, I didn't love what I saw. Despite the packed up mess inside the apartment and boxes everywhere, let’s say that the current tenants' taste in decor and furniture just.... wasn’t my cup of tea. There are 9 windows in the 800-square-foot apartment, yet the place still seemed outdated and DARK. Full disclosure, it was pitch black outside, so it's not like I saw any evidence of natural light. 

PRO TIP: when shopping for your next home, try to envision the place during the day time, and completely empty. Look past the current tenants' furnishings, or the staged set up. Feel free to roll your eyes because DUH, OBVIOUSLY. I didn't know any better, or perhaps I was just salty that I was giving into living on Long Island. "Come this way", the realtor said. "It's hard to tell since it's dark out, but if you look out the bedroom window, you can see the ocean". I took a peak and said "ohhhh, wow!" but I lied – I couldn't see shit, and she's just trying to get that Broker Fee.

Actually, I was most definitely being salty. It only took about 10 minutes + a linguine and clam sauce dinner of convincing that this was the place. Three weeks, two mental breakdowns, and many doubts later, we moved into our first apartment together. We couldn't have picked a better place, and I can't wait to show you. Come on in!


Is it just me, or does a super long entryway make even the tiniest of apartments feel larger than it actually is? The left wall of the entryway is completely mirrored. This seemed odd at first... 90s vibes. I've learned to love it as it really makes a tight space feel more open. As much as I wanted to place a bench or narrow console table against the right wall, I had a feeing the mirrored wall would trip up our guests. Can you say SAFETY HAZARD (or a knocked over mess)??? To keep it simple, I staggered hats, a macrame purse, fringed wall hanging, and a cute little beach quoted canvas made by my mama.

L I V I N G  A R E A

My favorite part about our space! As I prepped for our move throughout the holiday season, I had a distinct, yet mismatched aesthetic in mind: boho, yet modern + minimal with pops of greenery and beach textures. As much of a sucker I am for the beach, I was never really into the typical coastal home decor. Something about shades of blue, starfishes, nautical prints, and corny sand jokes really make my eye twitch.

Our realtor was right – you really can see the ocean from our bedroom window. I had to incorporate subtle beach vibes into our home somehow, which ended up being a pretty consistent theme throughout the apartment: whites, neutrals and wood accents in many different shades. Summertime vibes all year round.

TV Stand  |  in color driftwood; Amazon or Wayfair
Short Plant Stool  |  Hobby Lobby
Plant Stand  |  Michael's [sold out] similar here + here
Round Knit Pouf  |  in color off-white; Amazon
Shag Rug  |  by Nuloom; RugsUSA
Himalayan Salt Lamp  |  Amazon
Geometric Elephant Wall Mount  |  Hobby Lobby [sold out] similar here + here
Round Wood Coffee Table  |  Homegoods; similar here
Cable Knit Throw Blanket  |  by Ralph Lauren; Amazon
Couch  |  Bob's Furniture
Floor Lamp  |  Amazon
Tree Stump Ottoman  |  Amazon

Star Wood Plank  | Wall ClockDark Wood Star Wall Decor  |  NJ & NY State Cutting Boards

K I T C H E N  /  D I N I N G  A R E A

I love that our living & dining area is one giant open space. Situated right behind our couch is our 7-piece dining set from Ashley Furniture. You can be hanging at the table while still engaging in the conversation happening on the couch, or you can be enjoying dinner while still watching Netflix.

Also... how fun is our Tiki Toss indoor hook game?!

Faux Wooden Blinds  |  in color coffee; by Bali Blinds
Wooden Seahorse Wall Decor  |  Hobby Lobby
Tiki Toss Wall Hook Game  |  Amazon
7-piece Dining Set  |  Ashley Furniture
Paradise Wire  |  by Umbra; PB Teen or Joss & Main
Banana Leaf Wall Prints  |  Etsy

Braided Placemats  |  Ikea
Metal Envelope Wall Decor  |  Hobby Lobby
Tobacco Basket  |  Hobby Lobby
Set of 2 Stools  |  Target


Yarn Wall Hanging  |  DIY
Bench  |  Ikea
Malm Drawers  |  in white stained oak; Ikea
Bedside End Tables  |  Amazon
Ghost Chair  |  Amazon
Tropical Prints  |  by Scandinavian Walls on Etsy
Hello Wire Decor  |  by Umbra; Amazon

Our little home is the most complete it's ever been; but when you're obsessed with interior decorating, is a home really EVER complete?!

Thanks for taking the time to tour & let me know your thoughts!


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